Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Yamaha xs kick at the moment...

Clearly, we are all a bit partial to own bikes. Which is why it's easy to get caught up in a little brand loyalty, but I think it's important to not spend too much time concentrating on a single brand or type of bike. Honestly, this makes you just as bad as the retarded Harley gestapo, the kind of geniuses that take a running vintage Honda and drop it from a raised crane. Believe me, I've got no beef with Harley or their bikes(mostly), it's just these people give Harley riders all together a bad name. In fact, I'm FROM Milwaukee and the next project bike I'm planning is a sportster cafe bike! completely contradict myself...Who wants to see some cool yamaha xs series bikes! Like my 400, the 650s and 750s, along with the SRs make great project bikes. The great thing about sticking with a brand or series is that lots of the parts are interchangeable, thus making them far easier to find. For example, my 400 came stock with a disc brake on the right side of the wheel(D model with mag wheels). It just so happens that the stock wheel and forks have brake mounts on the left side also, which is the stock location of the disc brake on the sr500. Sweet.

Thanks Yamaha, you're the bombaha. (sorry for that one)

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