Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I love Austin TX

I genuinely love this city. I came to Austin for SXSW 4 years ago and before i stepped out of the car, I knew I was going to be living here some day. I sold my house for a loss, took a pay cut, rented a Uhaul and on a cold, snowing, December day left Milwaukee. I suppose what inspired this post is the fact that it's been just over a year ago that I left everybody I knew behind and drove 24 hours straight to get here. Or.....Perhaps it could be the fact that it's December 14 and I quite comfortably rode my motorcycle. Meanwhile, back in Milwaukee, it's 7 degrees, but apparently it "feels" like -3. That's right, NEGATIVE 3 degrees. Would you believe i'm smiling right now?

Here's some pictures I took a while back, but haven't had a chance to post. Note the lack of cold white shit everywhere ruining everybody's fun. Thanks Austin.

Please excuse the photos kids, digital slr's don't grow on trees you know...

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