Monday, December 13, 2010

Revival Motorcyle Opening Party

The motorcycle culture is one of appreciators. Appreciators of design, engineering, ingenuity and performance. It's the one unifying trait of all motorcycle aficionados regardless of what they ride. Some of us are so passionate about these things that we surround ourselves with them and spend as much time as possible around other people that understand. Most often we do at the cost of relationships, responsibilities and way too much money. We read motorcycle magazines, watch motorcycle racing, and find any excuse to go out and ride. BBQ anyone? Anybody want to hit Sonic? When Revival Motorcycles in Austin had their grand opening party, it attracted many of these appreciators. Revival took a run of the mill space in a run of the mill building and changed it into something great. In the same way we appreciate the aesthetics of a motorcycle, we can appreciate what Revival has done with the space that they work in. Extremely well designed. These guys must be proud of what they've been able create because they supplied beer, munchies, great atmosphere and opened the party to the public. Shops like this are whats making the scene interesting and relevant here in Austin, so check them out. Cool place, cool guys and I look forward to seeing what they can do. In fact, I'll be approaching them for an interview in the future. Especially since i saw a Ducati 900ss in the middle of getting custom cafe bodywork. Sweet.

Here's a few shots from the opening...

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