Thursday, December 9, 2010

Project CB160

True to my word, I'm going to start following my own projects as well as my friends projects here on Looks Fast. The first friend project will be a complete restoration of a late 60's Honda CB160, a.k.a. Honda Hawk. He's going to be sending updates to me all the way from his basement in the cold, unforgiving land of Milwaukee. Clearly his tolerance for the cold is much better than mine....or maybe I was just smart enough to leave. On occasion i'll be visiting to help out and check up on things first hand. To start with we've got a sometimes running 160, complete with all parts and no serious cosmetic issues. I used to ride this bike myself for a while and even with bald, rotten original tires, it was a blast.

The engine has been striped and glass beaded so its looking pretty good already. A rebuild kit was purchased off eBay with a 75mm overbore. The kit also came with new valves and valve guides. The Shop in Milwaukee bored out the cylinders and installed the new valves. The shop has been a Milwaukee icon and one of my favorite places since it opened. The guys at the shop are great, they know their stuff and have been an incredible resource for me over the years. You'll be seeing lots of them soon enough as they've been featured on the cafe racer magazine show a few times now. For more info about the shop, check out there site here:

The future for this bike holds a rebuilt engine, paint, polish, tires, and possibly a new front drum from a 350.

Here's a couple of shots of the before...

and the engine...

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