Thursday, December 23, 2010

Project CB750, Almost...

Well, here's a Honda 750 project that I would've loved to outline the progress of on Looks Fast, but i guess i missed out. The builder's been cooped up in his garage for the last few months so I havent had a chance to meet him till a couple weeks ago. He's a pretty smart cat and does nothing to do with bike building for a living. He did an excellent, sort of Carpy styled 750 for his first build. Really though, what I like best about him isn't his girlfriend, as the song goes, but his AWESOME garage/living space! I don't know how he found it, but I'm kicking myself for not even thinking to look for a place like this of my own. Basically, it's a full two car garage that he's lives above. Perfect. Bastard.

Back to the bike. The bike is nearly complete, but he's still trying to figure out a good comfortable handlebar set up and he's waiting for the tank to come in the mail. The tank was from Roc City Cafe, but to fit the 72' 750, a relief had to be made in the bottom of the tank on the right side for the carburetor. Aaron(the 750 owner) didn't test fit the tank while the carburetors were on so the tank was sent back, to Roc City fully painted. The Roc City guys were great about it and modified the tank for nothing. I don't you about the dealings that everybody else has had with parts resellers, but they are rarely that committed to standing behind their products. I'm definitely going to keep these guys in mind for my next project.

Roc City also has a really informative blog, which can be seen here:

I'll spend a bit more time on the bike outlining whats on it, in it and how it rides at a later date. He did take it out for a ride with a 74' 750 tank thrown on and it sounded great. Here's some pictures of it without the new tank and our ride to the Dog and Duck pub in Austin.

Picked up a Guzzy on the way there...

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