Friday, December 17, 2010

Austin Moto Classics Holiday Party

As much as it doesn't seem like it, it's that time of the year again. It doesn't seem like it to this life long Midwesterner, of course, due to the obvious lack of bitter cold temperatures and snow... which freakin rules thank you. So for a little help getting myself into the holiday spirit(since for budgetary reasons i have no way to enjoy the sounds of bickering relatives, oh rats.), I headed over to Austin Moto Classics for their holiday party. Austin Moto Classics is one of the cooler shops in Austin, specializing in...well...everything. In fact, I honestly like going there just to check out some of the bikes they're working on. Everything from Harley cafe racers, 350 Hondas, Triumph rigid choppers to brand new Ducks. The shop layout is great and if I had a shop, I'd like it to look like this one. The guys at the shop are heavily into the local scene and are always ready to talk bikes, which is undeniably cool. If you're around south Austin and have pretty much any kind of bike that happens to be giving you shit, check these guys out.

You can find out more about Austin Moto Classics here:

Here's a few pics of the shop from the night of the party. Man I love the 70's bass boat sparkle paint on that Honda CB!

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