Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rockabilly Hotrod/Motorcycle Party

The great thing about vintage bikes, is that they seem to fit together well with other cool scenes perfectly. For instance, Gully Cat Tattoo(way down south on first street), had a get together over the weekend that brought out a bunch of vintage bikes and hot rods. To lure them in, Gully Cat supplied a bit of brisket and a live rockabilly band for atmosphere. So to review, vintage bikes, hotrods, tattoos, rockabilly and brisket. Turnout was great considering the weather was sketchy at best and the tattoo convention was going on downtown. The folks at Gully Cat run a nice little shop here in south Austin and I've only seen high quality work come out of the shop. If I wasn't so broke from spending all my money on bike stuff, I'd be there finishing off this left arm. Later, the guys from Deathtrap stopped by and joined the bike conversation till the sun went down. Deathtrap is a shop on south Lamar, employed by only the most sinister and totally cool bike deviants in the city. All, kidding aside though, these guys have a ton of experience and really know there stuff. Check them out if you've got a British or early American bike that needs a talking to.

Just a little get together of friends in south Austin:

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