Sunday, January 2, 2011

Found it!

Weeks ago, I ran into a post on Ottonero of an awesome looking cb450 that someone sort of cafe'd. Here's the direct link:

In fact, there's lots of great stuff to look at through the length of the blog. Unfortunately, I'm monolingual at best and i really can't appreciate it like I should. I wished that I would've at least understood the blog enough to find out where the builder got that sweet gauge. It's a digital number with all the pertinent info packed into a single bezel. Plus, it looks rad.

Well, with a bit of help from google and a friend who's just as obsessive about this stuff as I am, we found it.

Looky, looky...

Here's the stateside distributor:
Looks like $230 brings it home. The only question now, is how bad do I need food, gas, heat, etc...

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