Monday, January 31, 2011

Project Blue Basketcase - xs400 - Update 1

Well, it's a little less embarrassing now, so that's good. I took everything off the front end and attached the mini gauges I picked up for the other xs400. I think it looks better already. The forks are rubbish and will have to be rebuilt also. So much for my budget. I ground down the original seat mounts on the front end and modified the rear mount points for the seat and fender. I ordered an 18 inch rear wheel from a 79' xs400 off of ebay for $50 shipped as the 16 inch stock rear looked ridiculous. I removed the upper shock covers on the rear shocks also. To do so, simply use and angle grinder to cut a slit down two sides across from each other, bend up and twist. Then pull the thin metal to one side and cut to the center.

Along with that, I've started to mount the rear fender, which is actually a front fender off of a xs650 special I got from Chris at Limey Bikes here in austin. If you're looking for parts or expertise on yamaha xs's he's the man to see. I'll be mounting a taillight on the end of the fender and building a seat pan shortly after.

There's a long way to go, but it's come a long way.

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