Friday, January 14, 2011

AN-BU Custom Motors - Japan

It's no secret that a few of the shops east of us, FAR east of us, are producing some pretty incredible custom bikes. When I'm looking for ideas lately, I've been looking at the many obscure and indecipherable Japanese custom shop sites and blogs. Very clean, very cool bikes that are oozing with style and aren't like anything you find stateside. In fact, these shops are very competitive when it comes to design. As good, if not better than some of the more well known shops out there, like Wrench Monkees and the mighty Dues Ex Machina. It's also interesting to note, that large shipping containers full of vintage bikes are leaving our shores regularly and heading back home to Japan to be customised by some of these shops. The lives of many of our 60's and 70's Japanese bikes, unfortunately for us, are truly coming full circle. Out of the lot of these shops, AN-BU Custom Motors is one of my favorites. Concentrating on mostly small displacement bikes and producing these bikes with a wide range of styles, this shop is doing some amazing things. Not only that, what do we find on the home page of their website? None other than one of the best looking xs400s that I've ever seen. Since I'm such a nice guy, I've compiled a list of links to some of the more impressive shops.


AN-BU Custom Cycles -

Brat Style -

Gravel Crew -

Motor Rock -

Yellow Motor Cycle -

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