Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Google find - 82' Yamaha xj550

I happened upon this video while on a parts finding mission for my most recent acquisition, i.e. another xs400. This bike will end up with a brat style look to it. Pictures and projects to come. This XJ550 however, is something completely different. For those who do know or care to remember what a stock Maxim xj550 looks like, here's a fine example:

As you can see, not much to complain about...except for maybe, everything. I suppose if you were filming a remake of the amazing 80's favorite Purple Rain, this bike would be perfect, but for everything else...yikes.

The short list of what was done according to the video I found on you tube consists of:
- Mono shock from an R1
- F4i headers
- R1 stabilizer
- Kawasaki tank(which is my only complaint)
- Custom clips
- GSXR controls
- Custom tail piece and taillight

Obviously a lot more than that went into this bike, but I'm amazed the builders were able to figure out which stock parts would actually change over. This kind of thing is what it's all about to me. Enjoy.

Crazy huh?
Here's the youtube video I saw also. Who would've thought that engine would sound so mean! Please excuse the spelling on the intro of the video, you don't have to be an English major to build a bike. Obviously.

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