Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rockerbox 2011

Well, I wasn't going to miss two years in a row, now was I...

A few months ago, I formulated a plan. Well, more like sketches of a plan that I let rattle around this empty head of mine for a while. The plan was simple, or at least seemed simple in my head when it first appeared. I was going to go to Rockerbox, back home in Milwaukee, that was a given. My plan however, included a few things. I would fly to Milwaukee with a one way ticket. Then, once there, I would pick up the sv650 that I would have already found, had a friend check out and agreed to buy. Then I would have a really fun night, drink a ton and wake up feeling great. The next morning meet up with my friends and ride to Rockerbox. See some rad bikes, have a great day, drink a ton and wake up feeling great. The next day, I would check the bike over, see my family, relax and rest up for the long ride from Milwaukee to Austin.

I dont know how, but almost all of that actually happened. Here's my proof.

My old 350f!

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