Wednesday, June 15, 2011

One mans trash...

is another mans trophy?

Getting things together for the East Side Classic, gave me the opportunity to really take part in the riding community here in Austin. Not only that, it put me in positions to meet more people and find out what they're made of. Luckily, most everyone that I asked to help me with the event, came through or went above and beyond. The matter of creating junk moto part trophies for the winners of the bike show categories, posed a slight problem. I hadn't been in Austin long enough to accumulate enough junk on my own and I live in an apartment for the time being which means no welder. Without even finishing my question, my friend Josh, who happens to work at an art foundry about a half hour outside of the city, said he'd help out in any way he could. Totally Rad. We spent a late night getting ideas together and even started welding up one of the trophies.

A few days later, with the help of the guys at Revival Motorcycles, which happens to 5 minutes away from my place, we knocked out the rest of the trophies. They had tons of cool parts to use ,as well as, any tool we could possibly need to get the job done. Other people showed up over the course of the evening and we ended up having a great time. Thanks everyone!

Josh at the foundry:

The guys at Revival:

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