Monday, March 29, 2010

I miss my R5.

Dear Current owner of my old R5,

I hope you're taking care of my now 39 year old icon. I spent a lot of time working on and to be honest, obsessing over my little 2-stroke cafe racer. It was my first bike as well as my first attempt at making a cafe bike. This was the bike that I blame for the subsequent years of credit card debt, constant cursing and the absolute joy of riding exactly the kind of bike I dreamed about. Back in the 70's, the 2-stroke craze began because those engines allowed for high power and low weight. Kawasaki's H2 was the fastest production vehicle available at the time of its release. This 2-stroke triple was faster than a corvette straight off the showroom floor. That's extremely fast for a heavy bike with drum brakes and an ancient frame design. Very, very scary. Sport bike riders of today have it easy....very easy. Even with all that, I still love em. The style is classic, the power is raw and they're impossible for me to resist. The R5, better known as the predecessor of the RD series was and will always be my 2-stroke of choice.

If you're ever looking the sell...

Awwww........true love....

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