Thursday, September 22, 2011

Google find - xs250...sort of

This guy did it. Whoever this guy is, he beat me to it. My next project, the ft500, was basically going to end up like this. My idea was a simple vintage looking motor, with modern front and rear ends. To review, small lightweight old bike that can handle and stop like a modern bike. Pretty much what this guy did.

This guy rules and I'm pissed he beat me to it. looks like he used a cx500 gas tank, gs500e wheels and rs125 forks... awesome. I guess i better get moving on mine before everybody has one of these....


  1. I think he owns the day, or he has a great bikes when it comes to performance and power. Great bikes.
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  2. Nice, I really like how it look old and new all at the same time.

  3. Hi just found this blog. Really pleased with the comments thanks, this is my bike.
    I've been building it since 2009 and finally got to ride it for the first time just today, (My wife and me having two kids in 2010 and 2011 and redundancy/UK recession slowed things)

    Your right with the parts, the swingarm is a FZR250 and my mate welded the mounts on.
    I've made all the other parts myself in my workshop, the rear link pipes were made out of a knackered set of down pipes from my old XJ600 divvy. other bits are
    Front caliper GSXR400
    Tail Zephyr 1100
    Front disc Bandit 1200

    Thanks again for the positive comments, I have more pic's of the build on the forum

    This is the build thread