Thursday, March 3, 2011

Project Blue Basketcase - xs400 - Update 3

Header wrap is good for a lot of things. Specifically, to cover up shitty looking pipes that might have been butchered by the previous owner of your project bike. I wrapped the headers that came with the 400 in a titanium colored exhaust wrap. The whole process was pretty much painless and thankfully allowed the current exhaust to be salvaged. I literally get an instant head ache when I try to figure out what the guys that had the bike last were thinking. Good news is, it's basically ready to be gassed up and kicked over...fingers crossed everybody. I have all necessary electrics working and the mess of wires is ready to be wrapped. Also, I got back the rear wheel with the new tire mounted to it. I went with a OEM looking Duro(cheap) and went slightly over sized. Plenty of room to accommodate the 400/18 rear tire.

Anyways, if you decide to wrap the headers on your bike make sure to soak the wrap in water before you start applying the tape to the header. Start wraping the header from rear of the pipe to the front. That way, it protects itself all the way down the header. Also, try to make it tight as you evenly wrap it. That way, when the wrap drys, it will tighten even more and last you longer.

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